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Keeping It Simple


Thinking back to the birth of his first son, theology professor Randall Woodard reflects on what matters most as we prepare for Christmas – and journey through life.

By Dr. Randall Woodard,
Assistant Professor of Theology and Religion

When my oldest son was born (he’s now 15!) I was in graduate school and had no money at all.

In fact, money was so tight that a friend of mine found a crib on the side of the road and decided to pick it up for me, knowing how financially embarrassed I was at the time. It was somewhat humiliating, but Danny slept in that crib in the one-bedroom apartment for the first two years of his life.


Why Do We Overeat During The Holidays?


Do holiday comfort foods help put you in the Christmas spirit? Here’s some food for thought on what science says about this perception.

It’s hard to think of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations without thinking of food — particularly rich, creamy decadent comfort foods.

Whether it’s the meals that remind us of childhood, the ubiquitous sweets or the coffee drinks with more calories than cheeseburgers, many of us indulge during the holidays only to start the new year wishing we hadn’t.


18 Must-See Films For Psychology Students


If you’re enrolled in an online psychology degree program, check out this list of films Saint Leo faculty say are essential viewing for all psychology majors.

A pioneer of French cinema, filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard said, “Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.”

Film as art is certainly no exception when it comes to capturing our minds and imaginations. Film provides a powerful medium for exploring what it means to be human, offering us a glimpse into human nature at its best, its worst and everywhere in between.


Highlights In History: Proud History, Innovative Future


As Saint Leo University concludes the 125th anniversary of its founding in 1889, the final installment of Highlights in History takes a look forward.

This is the 10th and final installment of Highlights in History, a series of feature stories, profiles, and anecdotes recounting the significance of important events in the history of Saint Leo University, which is currently commemorating the 125th anniversary of its founding in 1889.

By Kim Payne, University Communications

During the previous nine issues of the Highlights in History series, we have taken a trip down memory lane to recount some of the significant people, events, and occurrences in the history of Saint Leo University.

It’s Finals Week And You Need A Laugh


As you finish up the fall term, you could probably use a little stress relief. Here are a few one-liners to make you smile.

It’s finals week. While the end of the term is in sight, right now you’re up to your eyeballs in papers and final exams for your online degree program.


Why You Should Be Aware Of Your Digital Footprint


Dr. Ronda Mariani offers common sense tips on how to make your online image work to your advantage when you’re looking for a job.

“There is no branch of detective science which is so important and so much neglected as the art of tracing footsteps.”
– Sherlock Holmes

These days, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes, bent at the waist, peering down at the ground, and puffing on a pipe to track footprints.

You don’t need a deerstalker cap or a magnifying glass.

And you don’t need to be a deductive genius.

Does Graduating Later In Life Affect Salary?


A recent poll explored how the incomes of older college graduates compare to those of traditional college-age graduates.

The fact that college graduates earn more than those with only a high school diploma is well known. And if you’re enrolled in one of Saint Leo’s online degree programs, it’s probably a key reason why you decided to go back to school.

Online Student Answers Calling


Saint Leo’s online psychology degree program will help a real estate pro turned equine specialist bring healing to abused and abandoned children.

Some people go back to school later in life to fulfill a dream of earning a college degree, some to be a role model for their children, and still others to facilitate a career change.

All great reasons to enroll in an online degree program. But none of them really apply to Theresa Malky.

The fact is Malky had not planned on starting an online degree program in her early fifties.

Stay Out Of Debt This Holiday Shopping Season


Saint Leo finance professor offers practical advice to help you avoid additional debt from holiday spending.

If you’re a student in an online degree program with a tuition bill to pay every term, you keep a close eye on your cash flow. So you do many of the common sense things to save money on gifts and other holiday-related expenses such as:

Being Grateful For The Blessing Of Busy-ness


Do you feverishly reply, "Busy!" when asked how you are? Saint Leo theology professor Stephen Okey did, until he decided to see life’s chaos not as a burden but as a blessing. Now he says, “I’m good.”

By Dr. Stephen Okey,
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Theology and Religion

I have long had a particular fondness for celebrating Thanksgiving.

In part, I have to admit the several selfish reasons for this: I particularly like the traditional menu, I enjoy the days off from school (or work), and my birthday, Nov. 22, is the earliest possible day in the calendar for Thanksgiving to fall on. Thus, a few times in my life, Thanksgiving has been a day when people are even more explicitly thankful for me

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