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Earning A Saint Leo Degree Online In Nigeria


The challenges that face adult online learners are universal. Whether living in Nigeria or the United States, juggling work and family with educational goals requires sacrifice and time management.

Originally from Imo State in southern Nigeria, Chukwudi Achonwa has lived and worked across the Niger River in neighboring Delta State for more than 20 years. His home is in a city called Warri, which is not far from the Gulf of Guinea.

His entire life, Achonwa had never travelled outside of Nigeria.

That was until this May when the Saint Leo University online student – and now alumnus – boarded a plane and travelled for nearly 24 hours to arrive in Florida to attend commencement at University Campus.

Despite jet lag, Achonwa couldn’t get to campus quickly enough. Arriving several days early, he was eager to meet faculty and staff, to walk the grounds, and to see first-hand the university he had come to love.

“While in Nigeria, I always imaged how the school would be,” he said. “When I arrived at the campus, what I saw was beyond my imagination. I was so thrilled.”

Accounting Jobs On The Upswing


Public and private industry employers are seeking candidates with accounting degrees.

There’s good news for graduates of online accounting degree programs.

After years of hiring freezes and cutbacks, the market for entry-level accounting professionals has strengthened.

According to the 2014 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide published by Robert Half, “Degreed candidates, even those in the earliest stages of their careers, are sought in public accounting and private industry.” The guide lists bookkeepers, internal auditors and staff accountants among the industry’s most in-demand positions.

Suzanne Seymoure, associate professor of accounting at Saint Leo University, says the future is bright for accounting grads. “There is a need for accountants in just about every facet of society,” she says. “We’re seeing growth everywhere, particularly in the corporate and public accounting fields.”


Careers In Forensic Accounting | It Takes A Sleuth

accounting careers.forensic accounting

Forensic accountants blend accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to uncover financial fraud.

Do you like to dig? Really dig?

Then a career in forensic accounting may be for you.

Forensic accountants combine their accounting knowledge with investigative skills to uncover large-scale corporate fraud and a multitude of complex financial schemes.

Think kickbacks, insider trading and inflated inventories. Think Ponzi schemes.

Think Bernie Madoff, the mastermind behind the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history. The New York financier swindled investors out of more than $65 billion dollars.

And Enron. The energy giant, using accounting loopholes and fraudulent financial reporting, hid billions of dollars in debt while encouraging employees and shareholders to invest their life savings in stocks as the company was about to collapse.


CPA To CMA: Which Accounting Certification Is For You?

Which accounting certification is for you?

CPA.  CMA.  CIA.  CFE. What is the difference among accounting certifications? And does getting certified boost your marketability?

You've set your sights on a future in accounting. Getting a degree from a quality online accounting degree program is a great first step toward a successful career.  

But it shouldn't be your last.

In today's competitive marketplace you have to go the extra mile. In the field of accounting, that often means getting an accounting certification.

Or two, or three.


Earning A CPA License: Is It Worth It?

online accounting degree program

After completing an on-ground or online accounting degree program, is it imperative to get a CPA license? Does it make you a better accountant?

So you've decided to get a degree in accounting.  Great decision!  Accounting is the financial backbone of every organization, and one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S. today.  

But should you stop there or should you take it one step further and become a CPA?

That's up to you.

The decision to become a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a personal one – depending on your life and professional goals.

To help you make a decision, here’s some basic information on what it means to be a CPA.


"Should I Study Accounting?" 10 Questions To Help You Find Out

Should I study accounting.Saint Leo

A quality online accounting degree program will teach you the skills you need to be a professional accountant, but do you have the personality to be successful?

You’ve done the research. You know that accountants are in demand and that earning an online accounting degree could lead to a secure career with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

Not everyone, however, is cut out to be an accountant. You need to enjoy both technology and numbers as well as working with people and being a leader. You need to be able to sweat the details yet understand the big business picture.

Aside from a penchant for numbers, do you have the personality it takes to be an accountant?

Here are 10 questions to think about to help determine if you do.


What Companies Expect Of New Hires With Online Accounting Degrees

Saint Leo online accounting degree program

To become an accountant, you know you will need to be well versed in economic and accounting principles, financial markets and tax codes. But you may be surprised at what other skills top accounting firms and corporations are looking for in their next CPA.

You have always thought that a career in accountancy would be great fit for your natural abilities. You’re good with numbers, have a strong aptitude for detail and accuracy, and enjoy problem-solving.

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