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What Does A Forensic Psychologist Do?


If you're pursuing an online psychology degree, then you might be interested in becoming a forensic psychologist.  Saint Leo Professor Dr. Christopher Cronin gives some insight into this fascinating field.

If you think of the “Criminal Minds” TV show when you think of forensic psychologists, you might want to reconsider.

Dr. Christopher Cronin, Saint Leo University psychology professor, says many TV shows glamorize and misrepresent forensic psychology.

“Forensic psychologists don’t run around with guns arresting people. They don’t fly on private jets, and mental health professionals don’t do criminal profiling,” says Dr. Cronin, who has practiced forensic psychology since 1991 and has conducted more than 6,000 forensic evaluations in the Tampa Bay area.

Why A Doctor of Business Administration Degree? Part 2

Passard Dean.Saint Leo University

If you’re considering earning a DBA degree as a step towards a career in academia, check out the following insight from Saint Leo faculty who did the same.

You’ve been successful in business for many years, and you’re looking for a new personal challenge: to achieve the highest degree in the management field, a Doctor of Business Administration degree.

Some seasoned business professionals choose to pursue DBA degrees because it prepares them for advancement in their current jobs or elevates their credentials to pursue consulting opportunities.

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Why A Doctor of Business Administration Degree? Part 1

Thinking about a DBA?

Thinking about starting a DBA degree program? Members of Saint Leo’s business faculty explain why they decided to pursue the degree.

Reasons differ for entering a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program.

Some experienced business professionals choose to pursue DBA degrees because it opens doors to academic careers.

Others are preparing for advancement opportunities in their current jobs.

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Criminal Justice Careers: What's It Like To Be An FBI Agent?


What’s a career as an FBI agent really like? Saint Leo University Associate Professor Peter Wubbenhorst shares some insight.

There’s no typical day for an FBI agent.

But then legal counselor Peter Wubbenhorst was not your typical FBI agent, either.

There were many days during his 22-year career with the agency when he would snap on his bulletproof vest in the morning – ready to help a SWAT team take down a cop killer in a dangerous part of town.

Professor Helps Students Find Success with Online College Math

Dr. Monika Kiss

Dr. Monika Kiss’s enthusiasm for her discipline and love of teaching add up to academic success for her students. As a result, she is a finalist in the 2013 Online College Professor of the Year contest conducted by Best Colleges Online.  The final winner will be determined by a tally of votes cast at the Best Colleges Online website. Voting is open to everyone until midnight, April 28th.

Any Saint Leo University student who has taken a mathematics class with Associate Professor Monica Kiss knows that Dr. Kiss loves mathematics.

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