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Time Mananagement for Academic and Professional Success

Posted by Laura Cheek on Jun 30, 2015 1:13:00 PM

The contemporary workplace is unlike any which have come before. The quest to remain competitive in our industries, gain the necessary education, and conduct a successful job search is equivalent to having a second job. But how does one find more time in an already full schedule? What are some techniques for making the most of your time for academic and professional success??

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Great March Leaders presentation: Mark your calendar for April 8th, the next in the series

Posted by Laura Cheek on Mar 17, 2015 1:51:00 PM

Career services hosted Doug Smith for our Leaders in the Industry series on Wednesday, 3/11, and we had a great turnout! Doug provided an overview of our current economic state and his predictions for recovery. He offered great encouragement that despite the economy, there are opportunities to be had, even for starting your own business. The key is to be fearless, to step out of your comfort zone, and to try what you believe in! He notes getting any training that comes your way as very important, even if you don’t know how it fits in at the time. Also, your career path in any industry is not set in stone; so it is acceptable to change course as needed to find just the right opportunities.

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