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6 Reasons To Use New Career Services Tool: LionsLINK

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Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jan 28, 2014 8:21:00 AM

Career Planning introduces LionsLINK. A more powerful career portal, it includes access to a job bank of six million employers and the opportunity to network with alumni-mentors.

Saint Leo University.Career PlanningMaybe you’re a traditional student at University Campus getting ready to graduate in the spring and you’re looking for your first job.

Or perhaps you’re an adult student studying online or at one of the university’s education centers. You already have a full-time job, but your goal is to change career fields as soon as you finish your degree program.

Whether you’re a first-year student or an alumnus, you can benefit from LionsLINK, the university’s new career services management system, specially tailored to serve the needs of the Saint Leo University community.

LionsLINK includes a host of services and capabilities such as employment postings for internships and permanent positions, customized job searches, alert notifications for job search matches, online storage of sensitive employment documents and access to a wide variety of career planning resources.

According to Career Planning Director Robert Liddell, among the most highly anticipated services is a career mentoring network, which will offer experienced and established alumni the opportunity to connect with students and newer alumni who are exploring careers and share their expertise with them.

“LionsLINK is part of the NACElink (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Network, which is the world’s largest network of college and university career centers and includes over six million employers,” said Liddell.

“By participating in LionsLINK, we can now provide students and alumni with cutting-edge tools and resources to contribute to their academic and career success.”

Here are six reasons why all Saint Leo students should get started using LionsLINK:

Reason #1: View and apply to quality, targeted  job postings.

With LionsLINK, you have access to quality job and internship postings that are targeted directly to your career aspirations and experience level. These postings have been reviewed by Saint Leo Career Planning staff and regarded as valuable opportunities.

“You can be confident that you won’t be wasting your time applying for these positions because we will have already vetted them,” says Assistant Director of Career Planning Tiffany Nelson.

Reason #2: Extend your job search.

LionsLINK enables you to find over six million additional employment opportunities offered through NACElink’s partner, DirectEmployers Association. You can query postings by full-time/internship, industry, job function, city/state/zip, and more. The NACElink Extended Job Search is a valuable tool that aggregates job posting from major employer websites and other reputable job boards.

Reason #3: Receive personalized job alerts.

After you have defined your job search criteria, LionsLINK’s job search agent capability enables you register to receive automatic notifications of new job postings that meet your individual preferences.

Reason #4: Create and securely store all of your career-related documents.

LionsLINK features a resume and cover letter builder that helps you create professional documents. You can also store all of your career-related documents in one place where you can have easy access to them. LionsLINK provides 24/7 access that is secure and accessible from wherever you are.

Reason #5: Take advantage of Saint Leo’s business connections.

Clicking on the Employer’s tab in LionsLINK gives you access to an extensive list of companies with whom Saint Leo has already established connections. If you’re interested in a particular company, you can contact Career Planning for personal contact information. You also have access to an extensive list of additional employer profiles so you can view available positions, majors recruited, key stats and more.

Reason #6: Find a mentor.

According to Liddell, Career Planning, in conjunction with key Saint Leo partners, is in the process of recruiting alumni, friends of Saint Leo, and other professionals to serve as mentors to current students, recent graduates and alumni.

“Many alumni already send job opportunities and internship information to the university,” said Liddell. “LionsLINK will provide the structure to support these important relationships which are frequently listed among the common success factors of students who report superior outcomes.”

How to get started

Saint Leo students can get started right now using LionsLINK. Simply go to, enter your Saint Leo e-mail address, and set your password.

“We are proud to be offering this impressive suite of interactive tools to all of our Saint Leo students and alumni,” said Liddell. “In selecting this tool, we focused on superior reach and ease of use. LionsLINK is a significant investment in student and alumni success.”

Have you taken a look at LionsLINK yet? What do you think about it?

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