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Are You Ready for Online Learning?

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Choosing An Online Degree Program

Posted by Saint Leo University Online on May 28, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Prospective students have many questions when choosing an online program. A new e-book from Saint Leo offers tips that are essential to finding the right path.

Lee Ann Grammer was a single mom in her late forties, working full time and raising twin girls when she decided to start an online degree program at Saint Leo University.

William Haaren, an Army sergeant with a wife and two small children at home, was deployed in Afghanistan when he made the decision.

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Don't Enroll In An Online Degree Program Until You Answer These 5 Questions

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jan 6, 2015 7:33:00 AM

Is your New Year’s resolution to go back to school to earn a college degree? Read this post to help you decide if you’re cut out for online learning.  

It’s the start of a New Year, and if you’ve made a resolution to earn a college degree, then you’re not alone.

Statistics about New Year’s resolutions show that 47 percent of all the resolutions people make concern self-improvement or education.

So now that you’ve made the resolution, the question is how to get started?

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Does Graduating Later In Life Affect Salary?

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Dec 5, 2014 7:45:00 AM

A recent poll explored how the incomes of older college graduates compare to those of traditional college-age graduates.

The fact that college graduates earn more than those with only a high school diploma is well known. And if you’re enrolled in one of Saint Leo’s online degree programs, it’s probably a key reason why you decided to go back to school.

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Choosing An Online Degree Program: 9 Do’s And Don’ts

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Sep 16, 2014 7:56:00 AM

Online degree programs are a great alternative for adult learners, but not all programs are created equally.

Learning online….how great is that? Earning a degree when you want, where you want, without the traditional boundaries of time and place.

It’s a concept that has been around since the 90s and is growing more popular every year.

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Online Degree Programs | Popular Pathway To College

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jun 17, 2014 8:45:00 AM

Increasing enrollment in Saint Leo’s online degree programs reflects belief among Americans that a college education is very important.

In 1978, Gallup asked Americans for the first time how important they thought a college education is.

At that time, just 36 percent of Americans considered a college education to be very important.

Today, the percentage of American adults who believe a college education is very important has reached an all-time high of 70 percent.

According to Gallup, the reason Americans value a college education more than ever before may reflect evidence that Americans with college degrees earn significantly more over their lifetimes than those without degrees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), college graduates earn 39 percent more annually on average than those with just a high school diploma: $55,432 vs. $33,904.

In addition, BLS statistics show that by the year 2020, approximately 30 percent of all new jobs will require some college education.

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Online Degree Programs | Find The Right Fit For You

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Sep 26, 2013 8:04:00 AM

Before you make one of the most significant investments of your life – enrolling in an online degree program – use this free tool to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

For traditional students, the process usually starts during the summer before junior year in high school with college visits.

Groups of eager adults and acquiescent teens shadow enthusiastic admissions guides across campuses, asking questions about everything from tuition to tutoring, meal plans to mattress sizes.

The most diligent in the crowd even take notes.

After all, tomorrow it’s off to another school. Another tour. And they want to keep the details straight so they can make knowledgeable comparisons and educated decisions.

They want to be sure the school selected is the right fit.

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Online Degree Programs: What Students Look For

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Sep 10, 2013 8:19:00 AM

Students say reputation trumps cost when selecting an online degree program, according to a national survey.

When it comes to selecting property, there’s on old real estate mantra that goes, “Location. Location. Location.”

Well, when it comes to selecting an online degree program, you could say something similar.

“Reputation. Reputation. Reputation.”

According to a recent report – the “Online College Students 2013: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences”– the single most important feature that matters most to students when selecting an online degree program is a school’s overall reputation.

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How To Prepare For Online Learning

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Aug 13, 2013 8:11:00 AM

An e-book from Saint Leo University’s Center for Online Learning provides guidance for working adults considering online education.

Are you wary of self-help book hyperbole – the type of language that tries to convince you that rapid weight loss is easy, it’s possible to get rich quick, and you can transform your life overnight?

We all know the simple truth. Nothing worthwhile is ever quick or easy.

The same principle applies to earning a college degree through online education.

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60 Reasons Why Students Give Center for Online Learning a Thumbs Up

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jul 9, 2013 7:37:00 AM

At the heart of dozens of comments from a Center for Online Learning Student Satisfaction Survey is Saint Leo’s mission to be student focused – and to help change lives.

When the results of the 2013 Center for Online Learning Student Satisfaction Survey were tallied, the numbers spoke loud and clear: 99 percent of the students surveyed would recommend Saint Leo.

But the feedback from students didn’t end there.

The overwhelming majority of students took time to provide us with comments about why they would recommend Saint Leo.

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Tell A Friend About Saint Leo's Center for Online Learning? You Bet!

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jun 25, 2013 8:11:00 AM

A record 99 percent of Saint Leo's online students who participated in this year’s satisfaction survey would recommend the university to others. Check out this infographic to see how they felt about courses, instructors, and other aspects of their online experience.

Let’s face it. When you want to know the truth about a product or service, nothing beats a great recommendation from someone you know.

No amount of research. No slick website. No smooth-talking sales person.

In fact, according to a study conducted by the survey experts at Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.

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