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13 Insightful Articles To Help You Nail Your Job Interview

Posted by Saint Leo University on Jul 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

What are the most important things to do before, during and after an interview? These articles offer excellent tips.

Interviewing for a job is nerve-racking. Just thinking about it can make your heart race.

But it doesn’t have to. With a little preparation and some confidence in yourself and your abilities, you can ace your next job interview.

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5 Tips For Diving Into A New Career With Confidence

Posted by Saint Leo University on May 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Many people enroll in an online degree program to prepare for a career change. If you’re one of them, here are a few thoughts to consider as you take the plunge.

Marie Urban knew she wasn’t happy any more in her job as an executive assistant, but it took a phone call from a stranger to convince her to take the leap and change careers.

A man had called her office, and the receptionist was having trouble understanding what kind of help he needed. Marie took over the call and spoke with him for a while, growing concerned about his state of mind. After their conversation, using some of the information he had provided, she called the police in his home state and asked them to do a wellness check on him.

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10 Tips For Making The Most Of Twitter In Your Job Search

Posted by Saint Leo University on Dec 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Sure you can follow your favorite celebrities on Twitter. But more importantly, you can leverage this powerful social media platform for networking and job hunting. Here are 10 essential tips.

If you’re looking for a job, there’s no excuse for not having a LinkedIn account. No social media platform is more powerful for creating a digital presence and promoting your personal brand. In fact, LinkedIn profiles have become just as important as traditional resumes.

While having a LinkedIn account is mandatory, Twitter should also be on your list of social networks. With more than 300 million active users worldwide – individuals and businesses – Twitter has become an important tool for enhancing one’s professional image and networking with potential employers and colleagues.

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Write Better Email: Advice From Horton The Elephant

Posted by Saint Leo University on Aug 10, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Students in online degree programs understand the nuances of digital communications, including the importance of well-crafted email.

If you have young children or a fondness for Dr. Seuss, you may recall a compassionate elephant named Horton.

As Horton single-mindedly protected an egg belonging to the irresponsible bird, Maisie, he repeatedly stated, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!”

Saying exactly what one means in written communications, particularly in email, requires equal single-mindedness of purpose – and a laser focus on professionalism, clarity and precision.

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Stand Out In The Job Market: Build Your Personal Brand

Posted by Saint Leo University on Feb 26, 2015 8:00:00 AM

How do you position yourself so that hiring managers will notice you? Who better to ask for insight than a seasoned recruiter?

If you think branding is something that concerns only ad agencies, big corporations and maybe celebrities, it’s time to heed the legendary words of management guru Tom Peters in “The Brand Called You.”

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Video Resumes Show Off Your Star Qualities

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Oct 31, 2013 8:09:00 AM

Video resumes are increasing in popularity among job candidates looking to stand out from the crowd.

You’re not trying to delude yourself. You know you’re not the next Daniel Day-Lewis or Julia Roberts.

And you don’t want to be.

What you do want is to land an interview for what sounds like a great job. The problem is so do several hundred other people.

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Energize Your Ho-Hum Cover Letter

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Oct 1, 2013 8:06:00 AM

Cover letters are a golden opportunity to bridge the gap between a resume and real-world experience.

It’s reaching “Tastes Great… Less Filling” proportions: the controversy over the need to write customized cover letters has both sides of the argument deeply entrenched and intractable.

In one camp are those who believe that in today’s market of applicant tracking systems – where sophisticated technology scans your resume long before any human eyeballs cast even a cursory glance – cover letters are as archaic as the paper on which they’re written.

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How To Be More Creative And Why It Matters

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Mar 8, 2013 7:57:00 AM

While professionals agree on the importance of creativity for individual career success and global economic growth, a Kenyan teen’s innovative thinking helps preserve the lives of an endangered species.

Lions hold a special place in the hearts of all of us in the Saint Leo University community.

Which is one reason why you might find the following story intriguing.

Originally appearing on the NPR blog, “all tech considered,” it’s about a teenager in Kenya with a truly “bright” idea. The eight-minute video is posted below and is inspiring to watch.

Here’s why.

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Planning A Career, Preparing For Life

Posted by Mary Beth Erskine on Jan 21, 2013 2:07:00 PM

Rediscovering Rudyard Kipling's famous coming-of-age poem, "If."

By Rob Liddell

As Saint Leo University’s director of Career Planning, Rob Liddell provides students with practical guidance about preparing for a career and steps to follow to achieve success.

In the following guest blog post, Rob offers some advice more reflective and inspirational in nature about preparing for life. His thoughts about self-confidence, criticism, forgiveness, fear, and dreams spring from Rudyard Kipling’s well-known poem about maintaining integrity, “If”.

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