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Your Career In Cybersecurity


What’s ahead for graduates with a master’s degree in cybersecurity? Check out Saint Leo’s new e-book.

“Thwart operations that incite violent attacks, advance crime, target national security, aid terrorism, and beyond."

Sounds like a job for Daniel Craig in Hollywood’s next sophisticated spy film, doesn't it?

Actually, it’s from the FBI’s cyber careers website.

12 Websites Every Marketing Student Should Know


Looking to expand your marketing knowledge and stay current with what’s happening in the industry? Here are 12 websites you can bookmark.

The marketing potential of wearable technology like Google Glass. The content marketing explosion. The future of text message and mobile analytics. The rise of “social TV.”

Trends and technologies in the marketing industry change and evolve constantly. How do you, as a student in an online business degree program, stay up-to-date on the latest news, research and emerging fields, so that you can be prepared for the next career opportunity?

13 Reasons To Contact Saint Leo’s Online Services Librarian


Find out what Saint Leo’s Online Services Librarian, Sandy Hawes, can do for you as an online degree student.

Sometimes you know exactly what you don’t know, and other times you don’t.

For example, if the last time you did a research paper Bart Simpson was a new face on Fox, you may be wondering where libraries are hiding their microfiche machines.

Project Management Is First-Generation College Grad’s Passion


Father of three becomes first in his family to earn a college degree, moving closer to his dream job in project management.

Duon Martin never thought he’d go to college.

That’s because in the small town of Salem where he grew up in southern New Jersey, no one went to college.

We were never taught the things that really matter in life like education,” Martin says.

Choosing An Online Degree Program: 9 Do’s And Don’ts


Online degree programs are a great alternative for adult learners, but not all programs are created equally.

Learning online….how great is that? Earning a degree when you want, where you want, without the traditional boundaries of time and place.

It’s a concept that has been around since the 90s and is growing more popular every year.

Highlights In History: Lions, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Alligators and Elephants – Oh My!


Animals have played special roles in Saint Leo campus life. Over the years, a varied menagerie has roamed University Campus -- or stood sentry.

This is the seventh in a series of feature stories, profiles, and anecdotes recounting the significance of important events or programs in the history of Saint Leo University, which is currently commemorating the 125th anniversary of its founding in 1889.

By Kim Payne, University Communications

Over the years, many pets and other animals have befriended the monks of Saint Leo Abbey, the sisters of Holy Name Priory, and the Saint Leo campus administrators, faculty, students, and staff. There are stories of favorite canines of the abbots, wrestling gators by one of the fathers, construction of an aviary for our feathered friends, and even a live lion on campus.

Critical Incident Management: A Career With Impact

What do community celebrations, rock concerts, Major League Baseball games, and hurricanes have in common? They are all events that require critical incident management expertise.

Critical incident managers think about the things that the average person does not.

Before any big event occurs, local law enforcement, along with other government agencies, has spent weeks, if not months, preparing for the show to go on.

4 Steps To Finding A Sport Management Internship

Sport Business.internships

Do internships turn into permanent positions? Sometimes. But even if they don’t, the experience is invaluable.

Sport management is a highly competitive field, but it’s not impossible to get the job or internship of your dreams working for a pro sports team, college athletic program, or other sport business organization.

“It’s about building your networks, about having an academic foundation in the sport industry, and about getting experience. If you have those three things, you should be able to break into this industry and be very successful,” says Dr. Eric Schwarz, chair and professor of sport business at Saint Leo University. 

Internships are just as important for sport business graduate students who come from other industries as they are for undergraduates, Schwarz adds. Follow these steps to land an internship.

What Does A Forensic Psychologist Do?


If you're pursuing an online psychology degree, then you might be interested in becoming a forensic psychologist.  Saint Leo Professor Dr. Christopher Cronin gives some insight into this fascinating field.

If you think of the “Criminal Minds” TV show when you think of forensic psychologists, you might want to reconsider.

Dr. Christopher Cronin, Saint Leo University psychology professor, says many TV shows glamorize and misrepresent forensic psychology.

“Forensic psychologists don’t run around with guns arresting people. They don’t fly on private jets, and mental health professionals don’t do criminal profiling,” says Dr. Cronin, who has practiced forensic psychology since 1991 and has conducted more than 6,000 forensic evaluations in the Tampa Bay area.

Saint Leo Course Focuses On Military To Civilian Transition


A new tool is available to Saint Leo student-veterans, including vets studying online, to help with the transition to civilian life: a free online course with an abundance of resources.

Tedd Weiser knows what it means to serve.

He understands the intensity of military life – the closeness that develops among service members from being in an environment where everyone shares a common mission, structure and sense of purpose.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Weiser joined the U.S. Marine Corps, which became his life for the next 20 years. He was stationed in Japan, California and North Carolina and also was deployed to the Middle East to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was wounded in combat.

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